3 Reasons To Get Contact Lenses


If you've been told that your vision could use some help and are now currently debating between getting glasses or contact lenses, you will have a lot to think about. Glasses certainly do come with some conveniences such as being able to just quickly throw them on as soon as you wake up without having to find a mirror first. Glasses also don't require much maintenance other than a quick wipe with a cloth now and then. That said, there are some real benefits to getting contact lenses as well that you may not have considered. Here are three reasons why you might want to tell your optometrist to get you contact lenses.

Contact Lenses Let You Look Like Yourself

Contact lenses automatically match everything you wear because your face won't look any different. Contrast that with glasses, where it can be a huge struggle just to find a set of frames that won't make your face look too skinny or too fat. Contact lenses also let people look you directly in the eyes when talking with nothing to get in the way. Any makeup you put on your face will also look better with contacts because the part of the effect will not be hidden behind your spectacles. 

It Can Actually Be Easier To See With Contact Lenses

Yes, of course your contacts and your glasses will have the same prescription but there are certain circumstances where having glasses could actually prevent you from seeing as clearly as you need to. For example, if you do a lot of cooking, you might find yourself having to take your glasses off if they start steaming up. If you work somewhere where safety goggles are required, it's much easier to put goggles on with contacts than to try and force them over your spectacles. When it's extra sunny outside, you can quickly throw on any pair of sunglasses while you are wearing contacts. People with glasses will either need to make a trade or invest in some special shades that can clip on over their regular spectacles.

More Self Confidence

Put simply, glasses can make you feel self-conscious, like if you need to constantly push them back on your face after you bend over to pick something up. Glasses can also pick up streaks and perspiration that will need to be cleaned off throughout the day. And hey, if you're currently in the dating scene, it's a lot easier to go in for a kiss or receive a kiss from someone without anything on your face getting in the way.

If it's time for a new eye prescription and you have not taken the plunge and gotten contact lenses, consider the benefits. Contact lenses will let you keep the same appearance, help with your overall self-confidence and may actually make it easier for you to see under certain circumstances. Talk to your eye doctor today to see if contact lenses would be a good fit for you. To learn more, contact an eye clinic like Eye Clinic Of Fairbanks. 


6 July 2016

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Hi, I'm Deena, and as I neared middle age, I noticed that my eyesight wasn't as good as it used to be. I first started out needing reading glasses to read the small print in magazines, and then a few months later, I had to put them on to see the computer screen clearly. I knew by then that my eyes were getting worse and that I needed to do something quickly. I made an appointment with the optometrist and the doctor gave me an eye exam. Even though my sight wasn't as bad as I had feared, I still needed prescription glasses. I love my new glasses because I can actually see now. I have put together a lot of information about eye problems, eye tests and even various types of eye wear so that others don't wait as long as I did to see the eye doctor.