Sunglasses Trends For 2016


With more and more international designers adding eyeglass frames to their design lines, the fashion in sunglasses changes as quickly as other styles do. Here are some of the most popular trends for sunglasses showing up on runways for this summer.

Cat Eye Sunglasses

Cat eye glasses began as a trendy item, but they've been brought back so many times they're almost a staple. This year, though, they're exaggerated, oversized, and bright with color. The lenses may be rounded or squared, but that distinctive cat eye uplifted corner is everywhere this season.

Darker Lenses

Optometrists have been saying for years that you should wear sunglasses with the darkest lenses possible. Now fashion has embraced that decree, showing oversized lenses that hide the wearer's eyes completely.

Colorful Thick Frames

This pop art style reminds us of the 1960's. The big thick frames in bright crayon colors are perfect for dressing up any summer outfit, and will make a fashion statement for anyone who wears them.

Ombre Lenses

If they're not showing super-dark lenses, they're showing lenses with an ombre effect. Mimicking the popular hair color trend of the last few years, eyeglass lenses begin dark at the top and fade to a lighter shade near the cheekbones. Your eyes are still safe from the bright sunlight, but the faded effect gives a softer look.

Funky Shapes

This season it's all about wearing fun clothes and accessories, and sunglasses are among the most popular ways to do it. Look for high end glasses with oversized star, heart, or square frames. They're big, they're bright, and they look like the toy sunglasses you wore when you were a kid.

Frames as Accessories

Instead of selling one good pair of sunglasses, designers are advising women to buy a different pair of glasses to match every important outfit they wear. Choose a navy and white pair the next time you go boating, a leopard print pair to match your wildest clubbing outfit, and teal frames for your favorite go-to outfit.


For the first time, high end fashion is touting eyeglass frames with textured looks. Some of the best seen on the runway have been wooden frames, frames made to look like flowered fabric, those with flames like racing cars, and even frames that look like pieces of polished marble. For the trendiest looks this summer, get away from the basic black and move to something completely different.


5 July 2016

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