Preparing For Lasik Eye Surgery? 4 Things To Avoid During The Recovery Period


If you're going to be having Lasik eye surgery to correct your vision, you want to make sure you're prepared for the recovery. Knowing what you can and can't do during your recovery period will help you avoid post-operative complications. To prevent complications, here are four things you shouldn't do while you're recovering from Lasik eye surgery.

Don't Shower

While you're recovering from surgery, it's important that you keep water and personal hygiene products out of your eyes. Getting soap and water in your eyes can lead to infections and other complications. Reduce the chances of getting soap and water in your eyes, take baths instead of showers until your eyes have healed. Your optometrist will be able to tell you when it's safe to shower again.

Avoid Facial Products

If you use facial product such as cleansers, moisturizers or makeup, you should avoid those during your recovery period. It's particularly important that you avoid wearing eyeshadow, mascara and eyeliner, as particles from those products can get into your eyes and cause post-operative infections. Play it safe and avoid all facial products until your optometrist gives you the go-ahead.  

Avoid Direct Sun

Your eyes are going to be sensitive to sunlight for the first few days following surgery. If you're going to go outside – even for short periods of time – you'll need to wear sunglasses. You should also wear a hat that will provide shade for your entire face. While sunglasses do provide frontal protection, your eyes can still be exposed to the sun from the top and sides of your sunglasses. For maximum protection, try to sit in a shaded area when you go outside for the first few days after surgery.

Don't Put Your Fingers in Your Eyes

Your fingers should not be anywhere near your eyes while you're recovering from Lasik eye surgery. This includes rubbing your eyes if they itch. Your fingers can damage your eyes following surgery. Not only that but your fingers may be carrying germs that could be transferred to your eyes, which could cause a serious post-operative infection. If the itching becomes problematic during recovery, don't itch. Call your optometrist.

Lasik eye surgery is an effective way to correct vision problems. However, during recovery, you'll need to provide extra protection for your eyes. Use the information provided here to prepare for the recovery period. If you develop a fever or increased pain at the surgical site, be sure to contact your optometrist as soon as possible. To learn more about Lasik, contact a company like Master Eye Associates. 


10 June 2016

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